Wednesday, 19 May 2010

This could be interesting...

Well now that I have a month off from school, I might as well make some use of my time.
Yeah I know, the reason I have the month off is to revise for my exams, but I detest revision, I just can't seem to physically do it.
So the time that I'm not revising I will put to good use and try and do one of these everyday. It will be a challenge, yes, but also good fun me thinks!

I might as well get started now then...

On Monday I have an excuse for not revising... sort of.
We have this 'lovely' cream carpet in the hall, up the stairs and on the landing, and my parents wanted it cleaned. Of course, my mother did say to the cleaners that the colours probably wasn't one of her better choices.
Anyway, they had to start quite early as it would take 4 hours to dry, so my parents gave me 2 choices. Either stay in my bedroom for 4 hours, not even being able to get out to go to the bathroom, or get out of the house for a while.
So what did I chose? The second option of course! So this meant I was out in town for about 3 hours, until I got bored, which I do quite often!

My excuse for not revising yesterday was that as I was about to revise (honest!), my friend invited me round his because we were both bored! Of course, when his mum got home she presumed that we had been revising due to the sprawled out maths papers left on the kitchen table, when in fact we had been to McDonald's and sat in the garden doing nothing!
We then decided that we were even more bored so went and picked up one of out other mates and went to the park for a bit. Being the teenagers that we are, we soon got bored with the park, but not after we did some physics 'revision' involving a spinning swing and a phone! We headed to Tesco and just sat in the car park talking about stuff that teenagers do (I won't go into detail! There might be children reading!).

And then today my excuse was that I went to Alton Towers! I had a brilliant day, even if I was walking around for most of the day with a headache!

Hopefully tomorrow I should get some revision done, I have to go to school anyway so I'm pretty sure I will!

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