Thursday, 27 May 2010

2 down, 3 to go...

I am so glad today is almost over with. I shall explain...

I had one of my maths exams this morning, C2, which is quite a nice one because you get to use a calculator! So I wasn't complaining! I was up quite early this morning learning proofs for arithmetic and geometric series and for logarithms. Sounds complicated? Well it's not really.
Thankfully, the ones I could do quite well came up, so that has gained me 6 marks that I know of. There were also some other questions which I can find difficult, which appeared to be quite easy, but my grade will prove all!

And so to this afternoon.
I had my physics PH1 resit, because I felt the C I got in January wasn't as good as I could have actually got. But the paper in January was really hard. Proof... only 2 people in my year got an A on the paper, and I was one of about 10 people that got a C or above!
I completely forgot about the fact I was resitting this exam until about last week. But even though I did forget, I only started revision yesterday, by doing past papers! And then I realised how little I could remember... Not good.
Hopefully though, after a bit, I mean a lot of cramming, I think I have done all right on this paper.

Just have to wait and see for the results though I suppose!

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