Thursday, 30 August 2012

Where has summer gone...?

I honestly feel like I haven't had a summer this year, mainly because I've been so busy!

As you all know I became an aunty 2 and a half weeks ago, and the arrival of the bundle of joy just happened to coincide with the exam resits I had to do. Not helpful at all.

So Reegan was born on the Monday and then I had an exam on the Wednesday! Needless to say that didn't go brilliantly. But the other three I had the week after went awesomely (in my opinion), so hopefully I've done enough to pass my first year!

I'm also extremely excited to move into my new student house on Monday. I mean I've already started paying rent for it, so I would like to live in the house I'm paying for.

I do have another reason to want to be in Swansea so soon, but that's my secret, that you, as readers, will have to wait if you want to find out what it is!

But for now, here's a picture of me and my friends at our local cricket club's fun day!
The Tax Dodgers

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I have a Nephew!!

Eeeeeeeeee!! I'm so excited!! (If you hadn't already figured!)

Reegan was born on Monday, and he is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. I love him to bits already!

I'm a very proud Aunty!

I want to cuddle him forever!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

National Youth Choir of Wales 2012

So my favourite time of the year has been and gone already. *sob*

I don't really know what to say really except this years course was AWESOME!! Hmmm, that seems to be my favourite word at the moment!

Anyways, I don't think I should describe the whole week to you all, I can just show you with pictures!
Here are the more 'formal' photos I took:
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And the fun and less formal ones are here:

Also, on Monday I performed in the BBC Proms again! This year we did the Bernstein Mass. It's currently still available on BBC iPlayer until Monday here: and it will be shown on BBC4 on the 6th of September at 7:30pm.
Just to tease you all before then here are a few previews of what you should all be looking forward to:

I also have the exciting news that I'm going to be an aunty before next week, but I will keep you all informed! :)