Thursday, 9 August 2012

National Youth Choir of Wales 2012

So my favourite time of the year has been and gone already. *sob*

I don't really know what to say really except this years course was AWESOME!! Hmmm, that seems to be my favourite word at the moment!

Anyways, I don't think I should describe the whole week to you all, I can just show you with pictures!
Here are the more 'formal' photos I took:
If you like the photos, I would appreciate it if you would like my page too.
And the fun and less formal ones are here:

Also, on Monday I performed in the BBC Proms again! This year we did the Bernstein Mass. It's currently still available on BBC iPlayer until Monday here: and it will be shown on BBC4 on the 6th of September at 7:30pm.
Just to tease you all before then here are a few previews of what you should all be looking forward to:

I also have the exciting news that I'm going to be an aunty before next week, but I will keep you all informed! :)

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