Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's been a while...

So, I haven't done one of these for almost a week now, but I have found out that someone actually reads this! I would just like to say thank you to that person/those people!

My week has been all right, had my physics PH2 exam on Wednesday, which I thought I was going to fail, but I didn't actually find it that bad. There were a few questions that left me a bit baffled, but I did only really look at my notes the day before!

And then yesterday I had my last exam, mechanics! I found nearly all of it quite simple. But there were 2 questions I just couldn't remember how to answer! Ah well, they are all over now!

But last night was amazing!! I got unbelievably drunk, but I don't care! I had an awesome time, and was glad I spent it with my mates!

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