Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Goodbye voice, see you soon...

Now you are probably wondering what the title is on about. Well I shall tell you!

Ok, well since the last time I was on here, I have done a number of concerts, which at the moment I can't be bothered to count!

The first one was in Cardiff for my county's annual summer showcase. I was singing with two choirs in this. One was the youth choir combined with the gospel choir (who we didn't particularly like!), and the other was us with about 200 primary school children singing a medley that we would be performing in the national Eisteddfod. This concert is always good, and means a day off school!

The next day, just the youth choir went to Birmingham to perform in the Music for Youth festival. We have been there for the past four years without success at winning an award, even though numerous people have said that we have deserved one. Thankfully, our performance this year was good enough for us to win an award! This could mean that we get to perform in the Royal Albert Hall in November in the school's proms!

The next voice killer was the National Youth Choir of Wales summer course in Malvern. I have to say, it was a brilliant week, and I love this choir and doing these courses, but unless you pace yourself, you will have no voice by the end of the week. Thankfully, I had learnt from last year, and didn't push my voice as much, and this resulted in three amazing concerts, and the last one is always emotional for everyone. And I've also gotten quite close to one of the guys from the choir. Even though he was on the course last year as well, we only got to know each other well this year, but I'm not complaining. Anyway, I can't wait to see everyone again in October for the Swansea Festival!

The National Youth Choir of Wales 2010

My voice was, not surprisingly, tired after the course. But last week, I had more rehearsals. This time for the National Eisteddfod in Ebbw Vale. This is something that happens every year in Wales, and this year, my county were lucky enough to host is. Because we are hosting it though, this means we have to put on a concert to show off basically! I was part of the massed choir that performed the medley in Cardiff, and it was an amazing experience to perform there!

And finally, the last thing to kill my voice was singing at my music teacher's wedding. She wanted the school's chamber choir to perform, and of course we said yes. We only had to do three songs, but with an average of four people to each part, it was going to be interesting. Thankfully, with a lot of rehearsals, we pulled it off, and all the guest came up to us afterwards and said we sounded amazing!

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