Friday, 27 April 2012

The Queen came to Ebbw Vale...

...And I stood a metre away from her!!

Can't express in words what an amazing experience today was.

I was lucky enough to sing with the the Greater Gwent Youth Choir when Her Majesty and Prince Philip came to open the Gwent Archives. And I was lucky enough to have a solo!

After we had finished singing the Queen said, under her breath, 'That was delightful.' But Prince Philip can't seem to go anywhere without saying something stupid. He asked me and a few other girls stood in the front row, 'Can you get blisters on your vocal chords? Because if you can, you've probably got them.' I couldn't help but laugh at that to be honest.
After her maj had left, we were told that she wants a recording of the two songs we sung to her!

The choir would be nothing without these two. Alyson Jones and Nick Steel
I am there, behind Aly!!
I think this was taken during my solo!
Love all these guys!
The plaque the Queen unveiled.
Me and Seren.

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