Friday, 21 October 2011

I want more weeks like that...

Well I'm back. I've been back for more than a month now, but I've only just managed to get around to writing this! I say that, I've just been too lazy really!

I've got to say, I did have an amazing time in Leipzig. There were a few times that I felt like screaming at some people (I'm naming no names!), but no holiday is ever perfect, is it?

I suppose the only part of the tour that I didn't enjoy was the stupidly long bus, ahhhh I mean coach *puts one euro in the pot*, journey that we had to endure there and back. I myself am not brilliant with coaches, so I had these travel sickness tablets called Joy Rides. Oh how I giggled when I first saw them!
I'm also not very good with sleeping on coaches either, unlike my friend Jenny, who slept like this:

I really don't understand how that is comfortable! Thankfully, I did eventually get to sleep: lying face down in the aisle of the coach, where I actually slept like a log! In all honesty I don't really care that I may have been a nuisance to everyone else that had to climb over me, I was comfortable and I got my sleep. That was all I cared about at that moment!

The actual tour itself was amazing and I had actually forgotten how beautiful Germany was. If I were to describe the whole week in words, well, I can't. So I'll do it in pictures instead.

Told you... beautiful!
Amazing artwork on the side of a building.
The only good thing about our sausage meal!
The orchestra's first concert.
Choir rehearsing.
The choir's concert in a monastery.
The married couple sleeping on the way home. Bless them!
In all honesty, I can't wait for Croatia!

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