Sunday, 23 October 2011

House 52 life...

Today marks one month since I moved into House 52 in the student village. A lot has happened in that month.

1) Well, first of all, I moved in.

My bed.
My wardrobe, shelves and drawers.
My desk. Most important thing is the flag though!
My picture wall and poster on my door!
My wall, complete with birthday cards, posters and my banner from my guides.

2) I have some awesome house mates.

Pim, Charlotte and myself on the first night out in Diva's.
Me and Jason, our house mate from Hong Kong.
Ben, Matt, Pim, myself, Sam and Jonny before Fresher's Ball.

3) And finally, my birthday!

Blowing out my candles.
My birthday cake from my house mates.
Me and Tom in the Wonky Sheep.
The balloons on the door. Says it all really.

I know what you're thinking. No, I'm not back with Tom, and I haven't spoken to him properly since my birthday. If you are clever enough you might be able to find the blog I've made about him, but I'm not telling you how to find it!

All in all, I have loved my first month here, and can't wait for the many more that will follow!

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