Saturday, 21 November 2009

Staying Awake

Not as hard as it sounds really, but when you are in a room of girls aged 10-14, then it becomes a bit more interesting.

It was Children In Need last night, and our guide unit had decided to do a sponsered stay awake to raise money.
It basically involved us staying in the guide hut all night without anyone falling asleep. (Us being 2 Guide Leaders, 3 Young Leaders (including me), and around 20 Guides.)

The most difficult part was probably trying to stop them from sitting around doing nothing, which could have resulted in them falling asleep.

I had brought along with me, my 'suitcase' of make up, and about 2 dozen nail varnishes. These items, I hoped, would keep them at bay from the sandman.
It did, thankfully. Although I did get a bad back from hunching over to work my magic on their nails.

Overall the night was a success, and I am writing this now when i am meant to be asleep (according to my mother), even though I am not tired.... yet!

We managed to raise over £400 for the charity, even if some of the girls fell asleep just before 7 o'clock!


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