Sunday, 6 January 2013

Someone remind me what year it is...

Wow. What a night! Well, what I remember of it! To me it is still 2012 even though it's actually the 6th!

So I spent my new year in style by getting absolutely wasted. Classy, I know. But it was a great night spent with great company. I only just about saw the new year in, I mean literally only just. My friends had to put me to bed at 12.05 I was that drunk! Oopsy!

Anyway I don't really care. It was the first new year I had celebrated properly and I'm glad of that fact!
The fun and games are over for me now for a month because I'm taking part in dry January. Even though I may not be doing it for charity like some people are, I am doing it just to see if I actually have the will power to not drink for a month! I'm doing alright so far because I still feel sick every time I smell alcohol!

Oh, and there may be some goings on in my romantic life, but it's early days yet so I don't want to ruin things before they've even started! But I promise to keep you all up to date!

Back to uni for me now tomorrow, so I will post again soon once I've settled back into working life!

The beautiful guys I spent my new year with!

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